Key Features and Benefits

What is the key benefit of the Senaca Tech CCTV Solution Versus a standard CCTV System ?

It works!

Excuse me?
Due to their very design, CCTV system’s store a vast amount of video information and in the case of many current CCTV installations, the time input required by an operator to search through this video footage to locate an event of interest is normally far greater than the monitory value returned through this ‘tape trawl’. Because of this, many of today’s CCTV systems only used in the case of major issues/ thefts.

How is the Senaca Tech CCTV Solution so much better ?

We have developed key search criteria to eliminate 'Tape Trawl'.

Because we can carry out specific Search’s, a user of our system does not have to spend hours trawling to video footage to find a specific event.

Because events are found faster, the system is used more frequently and therefore is both more efficient and effective.

Because it use far more frequently and far more effectively, it will provide far better result and reduce the level of crime within a business and therefore increase its margin.

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