Senaca Tech - Remote Video Monitoring (RVM)Senaca Tech - Remote Video Monitoring (RVM)

Un-manned CCTV System’s are regressive.  That is, incidents can be reviewed  AFTER an event has happened on a site - Or AFTER the damage has been done.

Our RVM CCTV Solution is progressive.  That is, on breach of the perimeter of a protected site, our RVM Control Centre or site Security officers are notified of an intrusion BEFORE an event can happen on a site. - Or BEFORE damage has been done.

How does it work?

(1) The Senaca Tech RVM Solution provides a virtual perimeter protection beam around a premises.

(2) During agreed times of monitoring any breach of virtual perimeter beam will cause the system alarm and to send live video images back to RVM Centre

(3) Live images are received within 2 seconds and the RVM control room operator can immediately decide on the prevailing threat and course of action deemed appropriate

(4)If a real threat to the property exists the operator can communicate directly to the site via our Interactive Video Monitoring, challenging the intruder and  advising them they are being monitored live.

(5) Should the intruder fail to leave the site, our operator will guide Senaca Response Team or Police Service to the property, providing live information on the current  location and activities of the intruder.